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  • Wi-Fi Data Rate: 150Mbps
  • Ceiling or Wall Mount Access Point
  • Strong, high power transmission provides extended coverage
  • Smoke detector appearance to minimize visibility
  • Power over Ethernet kit included with the package
  • Multi modes support (AP/ WDS)
  • Ideal for public areas
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Available from Solwise Ltd or one of our UK EnGenius Resellers.


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The EnGenius EAP150 is a 150Mbps 11n ceiling mount Access Point which offers you extended coverage, strong penetration, secure network management and simple connection.

Multiple SSID's and VLAN make your data more secure and easy to manage. Multiple SSID's allow you to provide multiple wireless networks; for example this might be useful if you need to isolate guest traffic from the rest of your network. You can allow guest devices to use only some services, such as just the internet.

Maxima 26dBm high power transmission provides extended coverage and at least 3 floors penetration in your environment. The EAP150 uses standard Power over Ethernet interoperable with 802.3af which makes the internet connection more flexible. Power over Ethernet injector and power supply included with the package. You must NOT use the 48V power supply to power the unit directly.

The EAP150 is designed as a Ceiling mount Access Point which will not violate your interior decoration therefore minimizing visibility for public areas making it ideal in coffee shops, shopping centres and conference facilities. Only 3 setup steps make setting AP up simpler.

EAP150 is the perfect choice in home and small business. EnGenius covers this product with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.


Extended Coverage

Maxima 26dBm high power transmission provides extended coverage and at least 3 floors penetration in your environment

MSSID + VLAN Support

Making your data more secure and easy to manage

Standard PoE interoperable

802.3af makes internet connection more flexible

Smoke detector appearance

Ceiling mount AP which will minimize visibility for public areas and not violate your interior decoration


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Hardware Specifications







Technical Specifications


Windows Windows7, 98, ME, NT, XP, 2000. Mac OS X (10.4)

Access method

Web Based (HTTP 1.0 / 1.1)

Operation mode



802.11 mode options


Wireless Specifications

Frequency Band 2.400~2.484 GHz(11b, 11g, 11n)
Modulation Technology OFDM: BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM DBPSK, DQPSK, CCK
Operating Channels 11 for North America, 14 for Japan, 13 for Europe
Wireless Setting

Operation Mode – AP / WDS

Wireless Mode – 11b/ 11g /11n

Channel Selection (Setting varies by Country)

Channel Bandwidth (Auto, 20Mhz, 40Mhz)

Transmission Rate - 11n only ,11b/g/n mix ,11b only ,11b/g

Receive Sensitivity (Typical)

2.412 ~ 2.472 GHz (11b) best ≦ -93 dBm

2.412 ~ 2.472 GHz (11g) best ≦ -90 dBm

2.412 ~ 2.472 GHz (11n) best ≦ -88 dBm


WEP: WEP(64/128bit)


Hidden ESSID

MAC address filtering: MAC address filtering (WLAN, up to 32 field)

L2 Isolation

802.1x Authenticator: MD5/ TLS/ TTLS, PEAP

802.1x Supplicant: TTLS, PEAP

Antenna Internal 5dBi antenna * 1


File Link Published
Firmware for this product should only be sourced via the EnGenius Networks Europe B.V. websites. If it is sourced elsewhere it may damage your device and invalidate the warranty. We can't provide service support to devices which are not running with ETSI firmware. EnGenius Networks Europe B.V. Downloads Site 27.10.16
Firmware ver 1.5.2 - Fixes the problem of losing wifi security when device is rebooted Download here 25.10.14
(Only to be used on products bought after 24th October 2014)
EZ Controller Software release notes Download here 06.10.14
EZ Controller NMS Software Ver 3.7.2 Download here 15.05.14
Firmware ver 1.2 Download here 01.02.12
User Manual Download here 21.11.11